Essential Considerations For Eye Catching Exhibits At Las Vegas Trade Shows

There is something about a trade show in Las Vegas that brings out all the glitz, glamor and pizzazz of all types of design elements. If you are planning to have an exhibit booth at any trade shows in Vegas, it is important to understand the essential elements that your booth has to contain to compete with the rest of the trade show exhibits.

A simple way to make sure your booth can attract the attention of your target audience at Las Vegas shows is to work with at top trade show service. Chicago Exhibit Productions, Inc. is one of the exceptional companies with offices in the city and the ability to work to the needs of your corporate image, message, and branding to create a booth that stands out and captures the imagination of those attending the trade show.

Colors and Graphics

The colors and the graphics on the various surfaces of the exhibits are a critical element in attracting attention. However, creating a branding message in the way the colors and images are used is a true art form.

Choices of where to place graphics, which graphics are the central focus, and how to use “whitespace” or background most effectively to draw attention to the graphic are always essential. The choice of a single, dramatic image or graphic or the option for smaller images that tell a story or create a message is critical.

Size and Shape

In Vegas, the exhibits tend to be more elaborate than may be seen at other trade shows. They can include two level designs, suspended signs and corporate messages, lights and the integration of technology into exhibit space and configuration.

Working with a top exhibit company ensures that all aspects of the booth and display meet the requirements and regulations for the show. They also provide cutting edge looks that are sure to get your company noticed – even in Vegas.

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