What Is SEO And Why Does It Matter?

by | Dec 20, 2022 | SEO

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SEO stands for search engine optimisation and, in simple terms, it refers to optimising your website, or web content, and how easily searchable it is on the internet. It is what makes the difference between your website being successful and your website being a burden.

How do you improve your SEO?

You can do many things to improve your SEO, there are 1001 guides out there to help you through it, but there are some basic rules to SEO that will help you along your way.

Make sure that the body text of your website contains everything about who you are, what you do and other related terms. For instance, if you run a website selling doors and windows in Ireland, then you’ll mention all of that, plus ‘improving house prices’, ‘energy-efficiency’, and lots more, including alternative names of the keywords, in case anybody searches for those.

Can you get SEO wrong?

You certainly can, if you start listing too much information that isn’t directly related to your business then you’ll attract an audience who are looking for something else, or if you talk about the wrong location you won’t find your audience in Ireland, as you would like.

You can use many tricks that can also go wrong if you try to get too sneaky about it. For instance, while adding keywords to your text, if you add too many keywords, then search engines will read it as spam and banish your website. You can also add keywords and alt text to images, which won’t be seen, but helps your searchability, but if you add a hidden page to your website full of searchable terms those search engines will, again, banish your website into SEO hell.

All these reasons and more are why coming to increasily.com will benefit your website and business as we guarantee to bring maximum traffic to your website without overstepping any boundaries, making your website a valuable business asset.

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