What Should You Expect From an Internet Marketing Company in Tampa, FL?

by | Oct 25, 2023 | Marketing, Marketing Agency

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Choosing the right internet marketing company in Tampa, FL comes down to knowing what to expect. Let’s say you operate a Clearwater ice cream shop with a lackluster social media presence; after consulting with two agencies, you get a project proposal from each. One proposal shows you how many followers can be obtained within specific age demographics. The other proposal shows how many followers who reside in the Tampa Bay region can be obtained through a Facebook campaign.

In the scenario above, which agency would you choose? Here is a situation in which you should be aware of your expectations. There’s a good chance the proposal with age demographics comes from a “nationwide agency” that offers SEO and marketing packages at cut-rate prices. The proposal with information relevant to the Tampa Bay region surely comes from a local agency.

You can’t expect a nationwide digital agency charging bargain prices to deliver granular results at the local level. If your ice cream shop needs local foot traffic, you have to target social media users who can visit your brick-and-mortar business. All the same, if a nationwide agency tells you to increase social media activity during January, the worst month for ice cream sales in Tampa and all along the Gulf Coast, you can’t blame them for not being familiar with local consumer trends.

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