Your Guide to the Benefits of Booking a Humorous Keynote Speaker

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Sales coaching

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Your team has probably heard you share the same information repeatedly at training sessions. Truth be told, they are probably getting bored listening to those concepts repeated in the same way, over and over. So, what can you do to shake things up?

You might want to think about introducing a new face and injecting some humor into your next seminar or training session. Work with a humorous keynote speaker and enjoy these benefits:

Lighten the Mood

Training and other work-related lectures can be boring. Even if you write engaging speeches, you are only likely to keep the attention of part of your audience for a fraction of your total speaking time. That is not a good thing when you have important information to convey!

Improve the way your team listens to and engages with important content by having a humorous keynote speaker deliver it in an enjoyable way. You might be surprised at how much more your employees like training sessions!

Reframe Ideas

When you have employees on your team who have worked with you for a long time, they have probably heard the content shared during training sessions many times. This can get very tedious and make them somewhat numb to those ideas, regardless of how important they might be.

Reframe important ideas by presenting them with humor and wit. Your more experienced team members will thank you for the fresh take on the same information, while newer employees will love this method of training.

Improve Retention

Going back to the problem of content that does not engage your team effectively, retention of that content can also be hit or miss. To improve that retention, use humor as a delivery device. Your team will be more interested in everything that is being said and far more likely to retain that information.

Re-energize Your Team

How do your employees usually feel when they leave a training? If your team is like many others, the answer is not generally a positive one.

Change that by working with humorous keynote speaker Doug Dvorak to drive home important concepts and re-energize your team. They will leave your training session feeling revitalized and ready to get back to work.

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